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As we continue to live with this pandemic, we (schools, families and businesses) are all taking measures designed to reduce the risk of spreading this virus. None of them are absolute but combined will help us to reduce the risk of transmission should this virus enter our community. The safety of our children, staff and families is paramount and is always our highest priority.


We feel that at the moment we can strike a balance between  will keep us all safe, and at the same time help our children to feel happy, make friends and become familiar with their new school. Therefore our strategy is based upon two principles:

  1. Using ‘bubbles’ to keep children and staff in the same groups throughout the day
  2. Strict Hygiene Measures





At Springhead Park Primary we will operate within three bubbles

  • A Nursery Bubble including Hedgehogs class
  • A Reception Bubble including Koala Class and Panda Class
  • A Year 1-4 Bubble including Fox Class and Gecko Class


Within each bubble children will be allowed (or even encouraged) to interact with one another and the adults within the bubble. They will be able to use and share resources allocated within their bubble. In the Fox and Gecko Classes, the children will be asked to face the front of the classroom when the teacher is teaching, however they will also be encouraged to interact with one another.


Entrances and Exits


We have arranged entrance and exits to keep children within these bubbles. Please see below for your child’s entry and exit point. 

















For Nursery Parents, the entry times are exactly as already shared:

9:00am-12:00pm and 12:30pm- 3:30pm.


On all other entrances, the doors/gates will open in the morning at 8:35am and remain open until 8:50am. This should allow parents to drop off siblings in different places and also avoid congregations of families around the school. Teachers will be on the doors ready to meet and greet you, whilst the class’s Learning Support Assistants will be supervising the children in the classrooms for that period.




The school closes at 3:15pm, so please collect your child(ren) from the same places. 




At lunchtimes staff and children will remain in their bubbles. Eating and playing together, however without interacting with children from the other bubbles. Staff will also remain within their adult bubbles to reduce the risk and avoid the need to wear masks.


Strict Hygiene Measures


Whilst in school we will insist upon strict hygiene measures from all staff, visitors and pupils. These will include:

  • Regular handwashing
  • Sanitising Stations around the school
  • Doors / windows to remain open
  • Teachers will teach ‘handwashing techniques’
  • Catch it, kill it, bin it posters and teaching
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and resources
  • Avoidance of soft furnishings and resources (e.g. teddy bears)
  • Designated toilets



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