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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Monday 3rd July

Monday 3rd July - 7pm


Year 6 arrived safely around 12.45pm at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. The coach journey took approximately 2.5 hours... and Miss Aldridge was asked 'Are we there yet?' approximately 1000 times by some very excited children!


When we arrived we stowed away our bags and sat and had a picnic lunch in the sunshine on one of the many green areas in the area surrounding the manor. We played some football and rounders and admired the views! 


Our group leader, Sarah, then showed us around the site, through some tunnels and around the back of the manor which had some great views of the close by beach and sea! 


We then (finally!) got to see our rooms and begin unpacking! Clothes and items (and sweets) were quickly given their own little spaces in our rooms which we are bunking in for the next 4 nights. 


We then enjoyed dinner of Chicken Katsu Curry, or lasagne with garlic bread. Miss Shea particularly enjoyed the cake for pudding and had two portions!


Everyone is now having some down time in their rooms before our evening activity of 'Quiz Night'! 

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