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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Term 3 Learning


This term we will continue with our planned learning but online.


In English we will be focusing on developing our reading skills through guided reading sessions. These will focus on recalling and retrieving information from a text in order to answer comprehension questions. We will also be focusing on summarising texts and giving our opinion.


English lessons will also focus on developing our grammar knowledge and understanding. We will be focusing on a range of areas including word classes, tenses and punctuation. 


In science we will be looking at our bodies. Our topic is titled 'Bile, burps and bottoms.' We will begin by looking at our teeth, labelling them and discussing their function. We will also be focusing on the role that our saliva plays in digesting our food. We will then move on to looking at the digestive system in greater detail. This topic provides us with many opportunities to investigate. We will be using a practical approach during our science lessons and developing our skills in planning and carrying out science investigations. 


Miss Adewale's class also have the opportunity to learn the Ukulele on Friday afternoons. Miss Shea's class will have this opportunity after half term.


Spelling tests will continue to be on a Monday, during our remote English lesson. 

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