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Term 5 Learning

Our topic this term is 'Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers'. We will be looking at the rivers of the world and investigating the human and physical geography within our local area. We will also identify the key features of rivers, discuss their main purposes and learn about the water cycle. 




This term, we will be writing persuasive arguments, looking into poetry and creating informative leaflets about mountains. Our main text will be 'One Plastic Bag'. This book reminds us of the importance of recycling and how we can make changes within our own lives to help protect the environment.




We will continue with our 'Length and Perimeter' topic for the first two weeks of term. We will then revisit fractions. This will include adding fractions and building on our knowledge of equivalent fractions. Our main focus will be developing our skills in solving maths problems and explaining our reasoning when answering two step questions. 




PE will continue to be on a Monday. This term will be developing our throwing and catching skills. We will use and apply these skills when learning how to play rounders. 




This term, we will continue to work on our investigative skills. This will involve revisiting our knowledge of states of matter and planning our own investigations in order to find out more. 




To link in with our topic, we will be designing, making and evaluating our own valleys and rivers. We will choose appropriate materials, follow our designs and discuss what we would do to improve our outcome next time. 





Knowledge Organiser - Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers

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