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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Thursday 6th July

Thursday 6th July - 9pm


We've had another fantastic, action-packed day here at PGL Bawdsey Manor! We woke up to a wonderful gorgeous sunny day, and bacon, veggie sausages and the now famous PGL hash browns! 


Fuelled up for the day, we set off on our first activities which included challenge course and Jacob's ladder. Challenge course was a massive obstacle course which we had to climb over under and through various things. Jacob's ladder was a hit with everyone - climbing up a massive wooden ladder where the rungs got wider apart the higher you got. We had to work as a team to help each other make it up! It was so rewarding seeing everyone face their fears and get as far as they could! 


After a busy morning we were fuelled up again by pasta bolognese (and a veggie version) ready to face the afternoon's activities. 


We loved taking part in 'Survivor' where we learnt how to build a stick shelter in the woods, use flint and steel to start a campfire and even use knives to whittle wood! We then faced the giant swing - everyone was so brave and gave it a go! Lots of us were cranked up to the top and let go on a huge swing! 


Dinner tonight was sausage pasta, chicken kiev or veg casserole, which we gulped down before heading to the nearby beach. 


We had a fab time this evening, watching the sun set, skipping rocks in the sea, searching for shark teeth and paddling our feet! 


We are currently getting packed up and tidying our rooms ready for our departure tomorrow after another morning full of adventure! :) 

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