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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Tuesday 4th July

Tuesday 4th July - 9.30pm


Today we awoke refreshed after a (surprisingly!) good night's sleep, to a breakfast of bacon, veggie sausages and hash browns! We got ready for our first activities, which included rifle shooting, canoeing and abseiling!


We got stuck in with all the activities, being brave and courageous to face our fears and try something new! Canoeing was a particular favourite activity , with lots of us ending up soaked from either capsizing the canoe or jumping in the lake at the end.


Lunch was a hearty burger and chips which set us up for our afternoon activities which included sensory trail and trapeze. Sensory trail was great fun - being blindfolded and working as a team to travel around an obstacle course. We then had to really face our fears on the trapeze! Climbing up a thin pole and then jumping off the end to punch a ball was a good test of our nerves - but everyone was super proud that we all gave it a go! 


Dinner tonight was a choice between hunters chicken, fish fingers, veggie cottage pie or tomato pasta - not forgetting the chocolate muffin for pudding!


After dinner we got to visit the gift shop, and all purchased some wonderful souvenirs to remember our week away. 


Tonight's activity was a.... campfire! The rain stopped just in time for us to get together outside around a real fire, where we sang traditional campfire songs and even got to toast and eat marshmallows!


We are all (especially the teachers!!!) feeling tired so having showers and getting ready for bed. We're ready to have a good night's sleep before another amazing day tomorrow! 


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