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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Further Information about our Curriculum Themes

Our Bespoke Curriculum Themes

Our Bespoke Curriculum Themes



Examples of ‘Our Locality’ Learning


Our children are taught about the historical and geographical features of their local area and become aware of our proximity to London and the benefits which this brings. The children also learn about which religious groups are present within our local community, where they worship and how this positively contributes and brings joy to our diverse community.



Examples of ‘Our Heritage’ Learning


The children at Springhead Park learn to foster their curiosity through investigating their own heritage, comparing and contrasting this to others’. The texts that children read are carefully selected to represent a wide range of heritages and cultures to promote diversity and equality.



Examples of ‘The Current Time’ Learning


The children develop an outstanding knowledge of how to stay safe online whilst learning to use a range of technology throughout their learning experiences and in their free time. Children are empowered to be ambitious and are taught which careers there are to aspire to in their future. Current affairs are discussed regularly with the children, and they are given the opportunity to voice their opinions and debate on key topics.



Examples of ‘Development of Social and Emotional Skills’ Learning


The children are taught to recognise and effectively regulate their emotions. They use our whole school ‘Zones of Regulation’ system and are made aware that all emotions are natural and that there are effective and positive ways to deal with them. Our PSHE curriculum is structured in a way where the importance of displaying kindness is taught at all stages throughout the school. Our school behaviour system encourages and celebrates positivity and joy.



Examples of ‘Our Environment’ Learning


Key environmental issues are at the heart of our Term 1 topics. This learning is then built upon throughout the rest of the curriculum. Children are empowered to have the courage to champion their opinions on environmental change. 



Memorable and Enriching Experiences


Using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory as inspiration, our curriculum provides a ‘hands on’ learning approach. Children learn through doing and gain real life experiences in lessons across the curriculum. Subject expert visitors are invited into school to share their knowledge and experiences with the children to enhance their learning further. The children also experience regular school visits, including exhilarating, activity based residential school journeys, which encourages them to step out of their comfort zone. Throughout the school, creativity is channelled into regular school performances and productions, which also create opportunities for parents and carers to be part of the learning.


Community Links


Our children are empowered to make a positive contribution, both within the school and wider communities. They are encouraged to think of others through supporting local charities, take care of our local environment and build effective relationships with key groups within the community.


Pupil voice is hugely valued throughout the school and the children are encouraged to share their opinions regularly. All our pupils have the opportunity to make positive differences to our school environment.



Healthy Lifestyles


Throughout our Design and Technology Curriculum, children are taught key cooking and preparation skills to use outside of school. They are encouraged to make healthy choices, devise healthy and balanced meals and are taught the importance of regular exercise. Mental health and wellbeing is also championed here at Springhead Park, with an awareness that a good mental health also contributes to a healthy lifestyle.



Life Skills


Alongside quality teaching of the National Curriculum Objectives, the children at Springhead Park are given opportunities to develop additional skills which will support them in later life. This includes enterprise skills, money management and careers exposure.


Springhead Park Curriculum Themes

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