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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

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Springhead Park Primary School

Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Vision and Values


At Springhead Park Primary School we believe that to succeed in school and beyond, children should love to learn, be inspired to reach their full potential and feel empowered to make a positive impact on the world around them- whether upon their local community or further afield. To achieve this, our dedicated staff will set the highest of standards whilst at the same time providing a nurturing and encouraging climate for all children, regardless of their race, faith, background or circumstance.

Our core values run through everything that we do:

Courage     Joy     Creativity     Kindness     Curiosity     Empowerment      


It is important to us that our children become self-assured, empowered, curious, creative and empathetic citizens of our school and the community. Our children will leave Springhead Park Primary and make their world – near or far- a better place.


Nurturing today, Empowering tomorrow


Springhead Park Primary School’s Vision and Values


We offer  an experiential and meaningful curriculum. Children will achieve excellent academic standards and understand how to their skills and knowledge can be used and applied in the wider world. Their learning will not be restricted to the classroom but be brought to life through a thematic curriculum offering vast opportunities for enrichment, such as inspirational visits, community improvement initiatives, regular use of technology and a hands-on, practical approach to teaching. Our exceptional, purpose-built facilities enable us to offer all of our children the best sporting, music, computing, performing arts and outdoor learning experiences possible. Every child will have an opportunity to follow their individual talents and interests, enabling them to thrive in the world of today and be adaptable enough to embrace tomorrow.


To deliver this, the ethos at Springhead Park Primary School will be built upon four educational foundation stones:

  1. High Academic Standards
  2. Experiential, Enquiry-Driven learning
  3. Enriching, real-world learning initiatives
  4. The use of complimentary technology to enhance learning



High Academic Standards

Our Children must develop their skills of speaking & listening, reading, writing and mathematics to be successful in today's world. Schools within the Primary first trust have a fantastic track record of performing well in these areas- gaining results which are often significantly above national averages.


Experiential and Enquiry-led Learning

Children learn best when they are physically, morally or emotionally engaged with their learning; they understand why they are learning something, how it is important to them or they are simply enjoying it. By using this approach, we will embolden our pupils to be curious about the world around them, and develop their resilience in the pursuit of answers. Kolb's Learning cycle is fantastic pedagogical model which underpins this approach.



Enriching, Real-world Learning Opportunities

Learning takes place beyond the classroom too, so we will take the children to various venues, activities and collaborations to enhance their understanding of, or contribute to, the topics they have studied. This will include theatre trips, visits to sites of national heritage or sharing our views at the Houses of Parliament. Our children will see what the world around them can offer, and then inspire and empower them to make a difference, to have a positive influence on their future, and their world.


Complimentary Technology

In today's world, technology is embedded within our daily lives, so to be successful in this world we need to understand how to use it for a range of purposes: multi-media, communication, research, digital art, music composition,  photographic expression, robotic control and coding to name just a few. At Springhead Park, complimentary technology will be used throughout a range of subjects, ensuring children become confident and adaptable when using a range of applications, whilst at the same time learning how to be vigilant against the risks of the digital world. 

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