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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

What topics will be covered in Panda class?

Term 1


This term, our topic is “Why do squirrels hide their nuts?” We will explore this question through the seasonal changes in the natural world during autumn and winter. We will taste autumnal foods and explore the woodland environment. We will look at natural objects such as leaves, acorns, pinecones and conkers. We will be using the book ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert to help expand our understanding of the topic. We bring this book to life in creative ways such as woodland walks, making our own leaf man and learning to count using natural materials.


Term 2


In term 2, our topic will be “What’s that sound?” We will be exploring the exciting sounds that come from the night’s sky during this season, such as bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas! We will be looking at other types of celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. There will be lots of role-play, singing, and music-making this term and we will recreate the celebrations of the night in stimulating and sensory filled ways. To support our learning on this topic we will be reading the following books:

'Princess Arabella’s Birthday' by Mylo Freeman

'Welcome to our world' by Moira Butterfield

'Let’s Celebrate: Specials days around the world'


Term 3


We may be in a national lockdown but we will still be providing interactive live lessons and aim to bring the magic of this terms topic alive!


This Term our topic is “Once upon a time”. We will be focusing on traditional tales and fairy tales from around the world. We will be looking at castles and towers. We will discuss the components of a traditional tale and having debates on who the baddies and goodies are in our story. We will be retelling the stories we’ve read and we will create our own stories. We will finish the term with a fairytale ball!


We will be reading the following books

Week 1- The magic paintbrush

Week 2- The story of Robin Hood

Week 3- Snow White

Week 4- Rapunzel

Week 5 & 6- Jack and the Beanstalk


In Maths this term we will continue to work our way through our numbers. This term the focus will be on numbers 6, 7, 8. We will also be looking at 3D shapes and measuring length. We will be practising our addition and subtraction skills practically as well as looking at halving, doubling and sharing.

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