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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Wolf Class

Welcome to Wolf Class.


My name is Miss Adewale. I will be your teacher this year. I enjoy sports, board games and listening to music. My favourite sports are tennis and volleyball. My favourite book is Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. I love spending time with my family and friends. My favourite subjects are English, PE and History.





Our topic this term is 'The Blue Abyss'. We will be looking at all the amazing plants and animals which can be found under the sea. 




This term we will be writing adverts to encourage people to go scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We will then turn these adverts into promotional videos. We will then begin looking at newspaper reports and write our own reports on the condition of The Great Barrier Reef and how we can work together to protect it. In the final weeks of the term, we will focus on writing, reading, analysing and performing poetry. This will be exciting as it will draw together everything which we have learnt about the ocean throughout the term.




During the first weeks of this term, we will be looking at statistics and shape. This will involve line graphs, comparison, sum and difference. The shape will involve naming and describing both 2D shape and 3D shape as well as quadrilateral and symmetry. We will discuss their properties and sort them accordingly. We will then move on to recapping the 4 main operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction. We will use and apply our knowledge to solve problems involving fractions, money and time. 




During Term 6, we will be looking at the amazing creatures found in the ocean. We will work on sketching these animals and 

developing our observational drawing skills. We will then move onto looking at texture, focusing on creating beach and ocean scenes using a range of materials. In the final weeks of term, we will be using our creativity skills to create 3D models of the ocean layers. 


Music and PE


We will continue learning how to play the Ukulele with Miss Coombes. We are really enjoying these lessons and making great progress. In PE, we will be focusing on athletics. We will be preparing for sports day in June. 




Last term, we started thinking about food chains and how micro plastics can travel from the ocean onto our dinner plates. We will continue developing our understanding of food chains this term, looking at producers, prey and predators. We will also be classifying and grouping animals which are found in the ocean and land. 




We develop our computing skills constantly during our lessons. This term we will be specifically focusing on coding and creating our own moving, coded submarines. 


The Blue Abyss - Knowledge and Skills Organiser.

Term 6 Home Learning Challenges

Times Tables 


Each week you will be given a particular times table to learn. This will be done on an individual basis so you may not have the same one as everyone in the class. On a Monday, we will have a times table quiz. You will be asked to recall both the multiplication and division facts for the times table you have been focusing on that week. 

Weekly Homework

Term 6 Spellings



You now have a school reading book to take home each night. When your book needs changing, please let Miss Adewale know and then you can go to the library and select a book yourself. You should aim to read at home for 20 minutes most nights. This can be the school reading book or a book from home. After you have read, please ask an adult to sign your reading record. 

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