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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Who are the teachers in Koala Class?

Hi, my name is Mrs Sesay and I am your class teacher

My Favourites!

Food: Pepperoni Pizza     

Colour: Red

                     Film: Cinderella                     

 Singer:  any Afrobeat Artist

Book: Puss in Boots  

Subject: Drama

Animal:  Lion

Flower: Roses

 I am so excited to be your class teacher. We’re going to have wonderful adventures together. I love drama, storytelling and make-believe so, there will be plenty of that to look forward to in our class. We will go on bear hunts, have tigers for tea and walks through the woods. We will have to be careful that we don’t bump into the Big Bad Wolf! I also love music, especially making music! In our class,we’ll beat the drums, and shake our tambourines singing our favourite songs.  I can’t wait to meet you and begin our journey of fun and learning together.




Hi, my name is Mrs Mills and I will be your class learning support assistant.  


My Favourites!


Food: Roast dinner

Colour: Purple

Film: Mary Poppins 

Singer: Michael Bublè

Subject: Mathematics 

Animal: Elephant

Flower: Lily


I am really looking forward to working alongside Mrs Sesay in reception class and helping the children to reach their potential. I am a happy, bubbly person and like to make the children feel welcome and supported whilst also having lots of fun on their learning journey.






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