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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Reading and Writing

Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle

Squiggle while you Wiggle is a kinaesthetic approach to stimulate early writing. Children use movement with music to develop their motor skills in preparation for writing. Through Squiggle While You Wiggle, children begin using ‘Flappers’ (small pieces of material) to rehearse a range of shapes, which lead to children mark-making with chunky pens, in preparation for more formal writing.


Dough Disco

To support the development of motor skills, children in Nursery take part in Dough Disco on a daily basis. While dancing to music, the children manipulate dough to exercise their fingers in preparation for writing. This strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers which will prepare the children for writing and good pencil control. The children have their own pot of dough that they are responsible for. It’s really easy to do and the benefits are AMAZING!



In Nursery we develop the children’s early reading skills through listening games and their language skills through Nursery rhymes and stories. This helps the children to hear and identify different sounds, which develops their early reading skills.


Reading at home

Each week we will send home a picture book for you to share with your child. Please read this to them and ask them questions about the story. Encourage your child to 'read' the book back to you by looking at the pictures and naming or describing them. 

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