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Nurturing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Term 5- Can I have a Dog?

How much is that doggy in the window? Can I have a dog? How will I look after it? It’s time to find out all about pets and how to care for them.


This half term, we will be learning about animals and how to look after them. We will be visited by some furry new friends and have the chance to ask lots of questions about their care. When our small world pets get muddy, we’ll carefully clean and dry them. Our role play vets surgery will keep us busy, as we’ll bathe, bandage and feed toy animals. Using our problem-solving skills, we’ll sort pet care items using different criteria. Getting creative, we’ll use stencils to create animal prints. In our Literacy work, we’ll share books, reading animal names and exploring the initial sounds. We’ll take a walk on the wild side when we practise moving like animals. Will we curl up like a cat or run like a dog? Inspired by pictures of amazing animals, we’ll draw the pet we would like and write its name. Using our maths skills, we’ll count the dogs in different sets.

At the end of the project, we’ll make a collaborative scrapbook and share stories about our pets.

We will also learn about other animals including those that can be found in the jungle and other different habitats.


Help your child prepare for their project
Let’s learn about pets! Why not use natural materials to make a ‘big art’ pet picture in the garden? Don’t forget to take a photograph! You could also visit a friend or family member to find out how they look after their pet. You might even be allowed to hold it! Alternatively, play ‘pet shops’ using toy animals, taking it in turns to buy them using coins.


We will be reading:

  • Dogs by Emily Gravett
  • Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
  • A Beginners Guide to Bear Spotting by Michelle Robinson

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