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Term 2

Our topic for this term is - 'From mountain peak to river bed' 


Some of the things children will be learning include:

  • To understand that a river starts at a source and flows through a waterway and to the ocean. 

  • To understand how the water cycle works: evaporation, condensation and precipitation 

  • To name a locate on an OS map the following local rivers:  The Darent, The Medway, The Thames, The Teise and The Ebb 

  • To understand how harmful pesticides and fertilisers can pollute rivers and waterways.  

  • To understand how pollution effects ecosystems dependent on the waterways 

  • To know ways in which we can reduce harmful pollution, such as using environmentally friendly products, having more plants and using less fertilisers and pesticides


Our book for next term is, 'The River Singers' by Tom Moorhouse.

There is a rumour spreading along the length of the Great River. It warns of a new danger that will threaten them all. But for now life continues as normal for Sylvan and his brother and sisters on the riverbank. But sometimes rumours can be true and one dreadful day Sylvan and the others have no choice but to abandon their burrow and go in search of a safe, new home. Together the family of young water voles embark on an epic journey along the river during which they will encounter many dangers and challenges but discover friendship too.


Term 2 Homework Project

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