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Term 6

In term 6 we will be learning all about Anglo-Saxon life and the Viking invaders of Britain. Some of the skills we will use are:

  • To locate historical places on a map. 

  • Understand that some places were different sizes in the past.  

  • Debate the intentions of a person based on evidence we have and decide if they are good or bad for socitey at that time. 

  • Use first and second-hand sources to understand more about a society and interpret based on information given and prior knowledge of the time. 

  • Compare the life of a child in the past (Anglo-Saxon England) and modern day. 


Our book for this term is Arthur and The Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton.

Arthur, a small boy fascinated by the magical tales of the town's wise woman, is out exploring one day when he's startled by a terrible howl. Too late, he watches as a huge wolf, Fenrir, puts out the village's great fire, meaning that the village faces being frozen solid in a week - unless a Viking god relights the fire.

Arthur decides to make the journey to the great hall and help Thor catch the wicked Fenrir. There, he is set the almost impossible task of sourcing magical elements to make a Golden Rope. In an exciting battle, it seems as if all is lost, until Arthur proves that even a small boy can be the most unlikely of heroes.

A fantastic version of a Norse myth that falls between a picture book for older readers and a graphic novel, this is a promising start to an attractive adventure series that should appeal to boys and girls.

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