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Term 5 - Animals

Our topic in term five is 'Animals'. In the this project, your child will learn about different animals, from domestic pets to wild animals, their habitats, differences in how they survive and how we can care for them. 


We will be using our creative minds to make a variety of different art work depicting some of the animals we have learnt about, such as dogs, tigers, snakes and bears. We will also use our literacy skills to write letters to zookeepers asking them for our favourite animal from the zoo! Later on, we will be writing a very special invitation, asking our favourite teddy bears to attend our teddy bear picnic, which we will be using our knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods from term four to support us in making our own sandwiches to share with our teddies. Throughout the term, we will be using a range of mathematical skills, such as the utilisation of positional language, counting and simple addition, and classifying objects based on their relative sizes, to explore a range of animal-themed situations. We look forward to showing you the new vocabulary we will learn! We will be using our developing digital skills to create our own maps of the zoo, ensuring that we landmark the best animals, and we will also be creating a collaborative digital book, depicting all of our favourite animals. In term six we will have a visit from the charity 'Our Amazing Animal World', where we will get to meet a range of different animals, and learn about how charities an support endangered species, and care for them in difficult times. 


Throughout this topic, we are extending children's knowledge from term four, where they learnt about how to take care of and nurture animals as they grow. The children will be able to draw upon their current understanding and knowledge surrounding animals, and use this to support them when learning about habitats and animal's diets. The children will actively enhance their understanding and use of the values of respect, autonomy and kindness throughout, as they become more aware of the ways in which animals utilise our environment to grow. This project also enhances and targets children's curiosity, and supports them in learning about the wider world and the beautiful animals within. This builds upon the foundational elements that have been covered in the previous projects. 


Supporting your child at home

  • Share and discuss how to care for any pets that you might have. We would love to see some pictures of your children and their pets on Tapestry! 
  • Involve your children in caring and feeding pets, explaining why it is important to feed them certain foods, and take them on walks and allow them to exercise. 
  • Explore with your child an animal that they may be interested in, and learn about what it needs to thrive in whichever environment it lives in! 


Words to use and explore:

  • pet
  • over 
  • under 
  • next to 
  • on 
  • below 
  • in 
  • pattern 
  • paw 
  • vet 
  • animal
  • print 
  • caring
  • Zookeeper 
  • big 
  • small
  • medium 
  • fast 
  • slow 
  • wildlife 
  • directions 
  • stomp 
  • prod
  • wavy
  • swishy 
  • freezing 
  • through 
  • splash 
  • shopping list 
  • invitation 
  • guest list 
  • picnic 
  • invite 


We will be reading the books- 

  • 'Dogs' by Emily Gravett 
  • 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell 
  • 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen

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